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Hello dear friends!

We are a team of enthusiastic and dedicated Apple fans. We value the quality of Apple products, so we decided to base our business on selling Apple devices!

We specialize in time-tested models, however, we also sell new cool products. MacBook and other gadgets were bought at auctions. They are brand new, not previously used.

We do not sell iPhone! Under the terms of the contract with the administration of HIDDEN Marketplace, we are not entitled to sell iPhone.
But we are the only team in this market that sells iWatch and MacBook!
We have in stock new Apple Watch Series 5!!!



1. Why is it so cheap?

--- We buy goods at auctions in different countries. We use prepaid and cloned cards (no pin) for this. It makes no sense to sell gadgets at the official price, because it is more logical for customers to buy a device in the official store. We have to either throw the cards in the trash, or buy devices on it and sell devices here.

2. Is it safe, they won’t capture me, I won’t go to jail?

--- In some countries, people were put on an electric chair!

This is a joke, friend :)

Ordering a gadgets in our store is absolutely safe! Aren't you afraid to place orders at Amazon? All the same!

Only in our case, the sender of the box will be a person, not a corporation.

3. Is this the original MacBook? Is there an official guarantee?

--- We sell 100% original, previously unused, not activated devices. MacBook come in their original box and film. All our devices are covered by the global Apple guarantee, which will begin to operate from the moment the device is activated.

4. Will the MacBook work in my country?

--- All our gadgets work absolutely in any country in the world, in any Wi-Fi networks.

5. You make delivery to ........ (any country)  How much does shipping cost?

--- We deliver gadgets to absolutely any country, including: China, Hong Kong, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, USA, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Egypt, Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, Tunisia, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, etc ......

Usually delivery takes no more than 5-7 days.

All orders are shipped from Europe. We use couriers FedEx, UPS, DHL, CDEK.

Shipping cost is included in the price of the device.

6. Will I need to pay a fee (tax) in my country?

--- All the gadgets we accompany the invoice, in which we write that the MacBook is a “GIFT”. This avoids the payment of fees in most countries. If your country has any special features, you can write about it in the comment of the order form.

7. How fast will you ship?

--- After placing the order, we ship gadget within 12 hours. Immediately we inform the tracking number on the email that you will indicate when placing the order.

8. What is the MacBook keyboard language? What kind of power adapter?

--- By default, all our MacBook come with an English keyboard. However, for an additional $ 20, we will apply any language using the laser method. If you need this option, in the comment to the order write what language you need and send $ 20 more.

Our Mac come most often with an United States power adapter. To be sure, ask us about a specific model.

9. What is your work schedule?

--- We work without days off and holidays. We reply to messages at almost any time.

10. I am a poor boy from Sri Lanka, I only have $ 67 that my whole family earned for 10 years, and now I need a MacBook PRO 16. Sell it to me for $ 67.

10.1. Send a MacBook, I will receive an order and after that I will send you Bitcoin.

--- Hmmm .... OMG!
(Our prices are fixed and agreed with the president of HIDDEN Marketplace, in addition, we will only send the order after full payment).

Thank you for reading all this, we wish you a pleasant shopping!

Seller since 09.2019
1563 Sales
21 Products
Seller since 09.2019
1563 Sales
21 Products

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